Welcome To Locked In Ohio!

Our Mission: To provide fun entertainment for Northeast Ohio

Locked In was launched in 2016 to provide Akron residents with something fun and unique to do with their friends and family.  Don’t worry we don’t actually lock you and your team into our Escape Rooms, but we do provide you with an interactive experience you won’t soon forget.  Locked In was created to break the monotony of daily life and to get you and your friends or family together, unplugged and working on a fun but challenging group project. It’s like solving a real-life mystery where you must work together, think outside the box, and solve puzzles. You only have 60 minutes in which you will face a variety of curveballs and challenges. Our goal is that everyone leaves energized and with a smile on their face!  You will need to gather a group of between 4 and 8 people to reserve your slot, making our Escape Rooms perfect for group dates, family outings, team building, birthday parties, fundraisers, gender reveal parties, and more!

We hope to see you soon!


463 Portage Lakes Drive

Akron, OH 44319



Tel: 330.400.4916

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